Danforth Buckley

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The second of the ‘…and vice versa’ drawings. (see previous post)

Another drawing done completely in photoshop. It went a lot faster this time, I think I am getting the hang of inking with my tablet. (I still plan on getting a Cintiq though.)

I might be mixing my eras in regards to clothing.


…and vice versa

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So, Jimmy Ether and his band are participating in the rpm challenge, which is a challenge to produce an entire album in the space of a month. Anyway he asked me to make some album art based on the songs he has written. Here is the first one…

Interesting thing about this drawing is that I did it completely in photoshop. You see, normally I draw the whole thing out with pen and ink, then scan it in for colors and such, but this time I did it all on my wacom tablet. Overall I prefer drawing by hand but this was good practice.

The bad news is that I was tired and I saved over the PSD, so no more editing can be done to it. Its been years since I’ve made a serious mistake like that, and I have gotten out of the habit of keeping backups. Oh well, Now I can’t obsessively tweak minuscule details for hours after I’ve supposedly finished.



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An updated version of that stuffed monkey I draw sometimes. I wanna make some little comics or something about him.
If you’re interested, I also uploaded a scan of the ink.



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Just messing about drawing sea life. I might use this for an icon or something in the future. I started out trying to color it in lifelike colors, but it wasn’t really working so I switched to a cool grey pallete (which I picked up from Kuler).Maybe I went a little overboard with the spatter brushes.



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We’ve got this guy in our unit whose nickname is ‘sloth,’ so as a kind of joke I sketched up some simple sloths. Once I started drawing, though, I couldn’t stop, and I inked the best one. Then someone else started asking me questions about photoshop, so I colored my inked sloth as a demonstration. Anyway, this drawing kind of got away from me.
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A buddy of mine requested this from me a while ago. (He has a bit of a thing for women in full armor, you see.)I drew it while traveling and didn’t have my scanner with me.I was carrying my digital camera though, and you can get an okay ‘scan’ that way, but I had to take about 30 pictures on different settings. Its a little odd because you take a macro photo with flash and the ink itself will reflect, resulting in white spots on the lines. Anyway just keep messing with it and then tweaking them in photoshop. Read the rest of this entry »


Test Post

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Hello, and welcome to the (hopefully) improved Inconsequential Illustration Blog. Still working things out and testing the WordPress software, but I hope to make this my primary blog, gallery and portfolio site.

I will still have my livejournal, which will pull updates from here (if I can figure out how to make it do that). I will also continue to upload to my Deviantart gallery.

Bunch of my work can still be found at my original site. I am going to be redoing that when I have more time.