clockwork girl

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So, Kevin Hanna is doing a comic called Clockwork Girl. What is it about? Well, think ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but instead of feuding noble houses we have feuding branches of science. Anyway, he put out an open call for contributions for pinup art and this was my entry. It’s gonna be in issue four (on stands end of April). I can’t freaking wait to see it.

Other than some concept sketches I did freehand, pretty much the whole thing was drawn and colored in Photoshop CS3. (if you’re interested, here is just the ink) I made the texture for the background from some free brushes I downloaded from Bittbox.


Monkey finds this demeaning

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This image was born out of a conversation which detailed, among other things, sullen monkey train engineers riding tiny locomotives.


clockwork prosthesis

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Prosthetics fascinate me.



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Just drawin’ me a robot. Inked in Photoshop.



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Ah, the Ladies Aeronautical Society. No finer past-time for a respectable young woman than to get out in the fresh air and exercise mind and body in the pursuit of the mechanodynamic sciences of flight!

Anyway, this drawing was inspired by an article I read about the pioneering women of flight. In keeping with the setting I tried to arrange my color scheme like an old photograph, even overlaying dust and scratches to age it.
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