…and vice versa

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So, Jimmy Ether and his band are participating in the rpm challenge, which is a challenge to produce an entire album in the space of a month. Anyway he asked me to make some album art based on the songs he has written. Here is the first one…

Interesting thing about this drawing is that I did it completely in photoshop. You see, normally I draw the whole thing out with pen and ink, then scan it in for colors and such, but this time I did it all on my wacom tablet. Overall I prefer drawing by hand but this was good practice.

The bad news is that I was tired and I saved over the PSD, so no more editing can be done to it. Its been years since I’ve made a serious mistake like that, and I have gotten out of the habit of keeping backups. Oh well, Now I can’t obsessively tweak minuscule details for hours after I’ve supposedly finished.

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