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A buddy of mine requested this from me a while ago. (He has a bit of a thing for women in full armor, you see.)I drew it while traveling and didn’t have my scanner with me.I was carrying my digital camera though, and you can get an okay ‘scan’ that way, but I had to take about 30 pictures on different settings. Its a little odd because you take a macro photo with flash and the ink itself will reflect, resulting in white spots on the lines. Anyway just keep messing with it and then tweaking them in photoshop.

Trying to get a straight-on, no shadow, no reflection high res photo could take a little effort. Try to find an area with good ambient light.Once I had a decent shot I had to make quite a few adjustments in Photoshop. First I tweaked the brightness/contrast, then ran threshold (image/adjustments/threshold) to get a good black lineart.
The only thing I really did new for this drawing was create some custom photoshop brushes to achieve some effects I had in mind.For the tree background I wanted some shaded birch trees, so I created a custom leaf brush.

For a bit more of a subtle effect I created a spatter brush to rough up the edges of the armor.

If I create more brushes I’ll assemble them into a set and upload them here.

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